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Bring a touch of joy and sunshine to any space

Orange is a great colour to make a room really pop. The saturation of colour will influence the intensity.

The colour Orange is associated with meanings of joy, warmth, sunshine, enthusiasm, creativity, stimulation, happiness and enjoyment.

Orange represents physical comfort and creates a livelier and energised feel. 

For some people this bright and vibrant colour will prove a tad too intimidating.  Use small bursts of orange in your soft furnishings which can easily be swapped or moved around if too overpowering. Accent pillows, rugs and artwork are all wonderful ways to incorporate this colour in your interior design. Find interior furnishings in our Shop.

Orange tones range from apricot, peach, soft salmon, corals which bring out the best in cool neutrals like grey or clay tones, to burnt orange and Persian orange which work well with shades of brown and give a rustic feel. Rusty oranges contain more brown tones and are a little easier to use for the fainthearted.

For a more contemporary look, use blue or turquoise tones and for a fun energised look team orange with yellow. Team black and orange to create a sharp dramatic statement.

Consider the room aspect and natural lighting conditions before you embark on this bold move. Artificial lighting is also very important to create either ambient or accent illumination that will enhance, reflect off surfaces, walls or objet d'art. Directional light such as a track light can soften wall colours. 

Orange is a ripe, tangy and evocative colour. Dare to be bold. Choose an orange tone that resonates with you. 

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