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Blacksmith Rebecca Knott

Rebecca was born into a blacksmith family, an amazing environment to grow up in - creativity in action! Rebecca pursued the forging art, working with a Master Blacksmith and learning alongside other smiths from around the world. Rebecca took it to a new level, exploring her own refined exclusive artistic style.

Double kinked treasure

2mm thick stainless steel

(1 of 2 currently made).

Creating a form beyond its functional use, a heightened level of appreciation for shape and form - triggering visual stimulation,

Rebecca was commissioned by

Michael Kors - Her 'SINGLE KINK ' treasure bowl is displayed at his New York apartment. (Youtube 'Inside Michael Kors' New York Penthouse Apartment')

We are privileged to have Rebecca's 'treasures' for sale in our boutique Orange & Dutch. Treat yourself to a unique limited edition work of art. Prices on request.

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